Provide guidance to the Country Office in incorporating monitoring and reporting into programme formulation

  • Provide quality assurance of program documents through review of results frameworks in order to meet SMART criteria;
  • Manage the development of monitoring indicators, monitoring calendars, and field monitoring plans and quality assurance processes; ensure use of relevant evaluation findings, conclusions and recommendations are incorporated to programme formulation;
  • Coordinate annual work plan monitoring, reviews and reporting;
  • Ensure linkage of Annual Work Plans (AWPs) and corresponding Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) Plans with the UN Women Strategic Plan;
  • Provide strategic guidance to partners and DRC CO colleagues in developing Performance Monitoring Frameworks (PMFs) and Baseline Surveys;
  • Ensure sufficient funds for monitoring, evaluation and reporting at country/ regional level is included in programs and mobilized.

Provide technical guidance to the DRC CO Office in and oversee monitoring and tracking of results against country/ regional level targets and UN Women Strategic Plan

  • Ensure data collection and analysis from field visits are coordinated and standardized across programmes;
  • Monitor data from partners on a quarterly basis and draft regular management briefs to inform decision making;
  • Visit partners to support monitoring of results and planning processes;
  • Monitor the spending of donor funds and other programme expenditures and disbursements;
  • Develop and monitor the DRC CO Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Plan.
  • Oversee reporting of results to internal (Senior Management) and external (Executive Board, Donors) audiences;
  • Coordinate and provide technical guidance to the country office in meeting internal and external reporting requirements and deadlines, including annual reporting process;
  • Finalize donor and quarterly and annual programme reports (both narrative and financial);
  • Ensure use of relevant evaluation findings, conclusions and recommendations are incorporated into programme reporting;
  • Review progress reports submitted by partners and provide feedback to improve quality and timeliness of reporting;
  • Ensure the availability (including collecting and maintaining) of data for country, regional and global corporate reports, mid-term reviews, and final evaluations.

Provide technical support to the DRC CO in the implementation the UN Women Evaluation Policy

  • Provide technical support to the implementation of UN Women’s Evaluation plan at the country level;
  • Provide guidance to DRC CO programme staff on evaluations;
  • Ensure communication between the DRC CP and Regional Office/HQ regarding Evaluations;
  • Represent the country offices in monitoring and evaluation working groups in the context of United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

Contribute to knowledge building and capacity building

  • Identify and disseminate good practices, lessons and knowledge; as identified through programme

implementation, monitoring and evaluation activities;

  • Develop capacity development tools, including training materials and packages;
  • Manage capacity building opportunities of staff and partners in the region/country in the areas of Results Based Management (RBM), Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E);
  • Promote the awareness and understanding of the shared responsibility of M&E among all staff members through communication, training, learning and development activities. Finalize programme reports (both narrative and financial); ensure use of relevant evaluation findings, conclusions and recommendations as input to programme reporting;
  • Review, and ensure quality of, progress reports submitted by country offices/partners and provide feedback to improve quality and timeliness of reporting;

Key Performance Indicators

  • Timely and quality advanced technical support and guidance to country offices in line with workplan
  • Quality and timely systems for tracking/monitoring developed and implemented
  • Timely synthesis and submission of quality and accurate narrative and financial reports
  • Number of monitoring visits to country offices/ partners
  • Quality and relevant trainings to staff / Knowledge management tools developed. 

Education and certification:

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Political or Social Science, Economics, International Development Studies, Gender/Women's Studies is required.


  • At least 3 years of progressively responsible experience at the national or international level in monitoring and reporting of development projects/ programmes;
  • Experience in the United Nations systems in an asset;
  • Field experience is an asset.

Please follow this link to apply online : https://jobs.undp.org/cj_view_job.cfm?cur_job_id=86092